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Our subconscious judgmentalism

Kadang, dok aku tgh2 berangan/berfikir scara sungguh berilmiah, atau borak2 ngan org, ade gak mase aku being judgmental. Tp xde la sampai discriminate sesape kan. And I believe everyone does that deliberately, or not. It’s our right, right? Right~

So, there’s this time I was studying  for my GRE verbal section. Tgh2 down tembak2 jawapan (almaklumlah x ckop ilmu lagi), I encountered this interesting passage in which people are categorized into 4 stages in justifying their decisions. Below, I summarize/paraphrase:

1) Dualistic – those who discretely judging something as good or bad. Often without plausible explaination, just blindly taking from authoritative statement.

2) Multiplicity – ones who views a problem/topic in various perspective. However, they can’t justify which one is right. They have a hard time in connecting the dots into coherent generalization. To them, every point is valid, so they have no stand.

3) Relativism – for them, knowledge is relative. Right or wrong depends on the context. They find evidence. They study and assimilate the points into the larger picture. They are very analytical, they appreciate authoritative statements (although may reject them), and they may find several acceptable alternatives. Unfortunately, they don’t want to make decision due to the multiple alternatives.

4) COMMITMENT – they do not deny relativism. Even though they have a lot of plausible alternative to view/judge, they take stance. They commit, and regard their decision as responsibility. They rely on personal experience, abstract rules, and choose principles to guide them. When they decide to join a community, they endorse its doctrine. They don’t compare and regret their moves. They move forwards.

Heheh, it’s good to know that I’m not any different from people around me. I’ve been there, in most of the stages. Right now, I’m a relativist; always dither.  But sometimes, i found myself in the multiplicity. Don’t like.  I presume that the last stage would be best, though. Bak kate org2 tua omputih, be like a cat, curious, playful, and always hungry and sleepy. renung2kan, dan slamat beramal.
Cheers 😮


What time is your name?

Tadi aku berlegar2 la kat blog memember. Kendian terserempak lak ngan entry taufiq pasal video mat saleh ajar english dalam bahase melayu. Coolness! Ni adelah org yg sama. Hahaha lawak nak mampos!

Senang je rupenye nk ngorat awek omputih. Aku rase najeh mesti mengadaptasi dari sini. hebat2.

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