Life is a mere perspective

New year! again?

Well, so much happened last year. and daym it’s new year and i’m so lazy to go out celebrating it.
I had a plan a few hours before but got canceled. Sigh!

So I decided to do the next best thing – stay in my bedroom the whole night. Hoyeah!
I’m not gonna post my resolution list I’ll never accomplish. More importantly, it shouldn’t take one whole year for a person to set a new goal, aight?
Ok ok, I know I’m ruining new year spirit here. So if I must have one azam, I’ll say go to upenn and surprise the bejeezus out of my girlfriend 😀 Oh well, it’s more like a dream right? Haha..

Bosan siot hariini! HAPPY FOUR ONES!!!!

*cube cari seekor semut tgh pegang batu bentuk love dari gambar di bawah

Jumpe?   Tahniah!!!!




X jumpe? Bagus, anda jujur! Sbb mmg takde pon semut berkenaan! Gile pe?

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