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I need you.

I need you to tidy momo up. He’s like a messy homeless lately.
I need you to pour lots of love upon him. He’s like a lonely homeless lately.
I need you to play with him. He’s like a boring homeless.

Yes, you know who you are.
Of course cat accessories! hooohhhoohhooo

Balik cepatlah ecah >__<


January updates

Slain kelaparan yg berpanjangan, tersebutlah beberapa kisah yg wajar dipertuturkan di sini.

Semakin kerap mngambil gambar 🙂 Struggling in snapping a good composition. Need some fresh perspective. Ade idea bagaimana?

adelaide hill, australia. hoho no lah.. ladang lembu upm.. quite an awesome scenery. except those brown, warm, aromatic poopies on the field

– iiphoneku yg sudah hampir sebulan xde backlight kini berjaya aku hidupkan kembali. tidak sia2lah cpr dan heimlich maneuver yg kupelajari dari kelas renangku di rit (heh mane ade blaja mende tu)

– desktopku tidak berjaya diselamatkan. r.o.s.s.a.k.h

– aisyah sent me the coaches and VSes 🙂 Just claiimed them from kastam. but paid unexpectedly a lot of taxes!! kastam busuk!
oh so yeah. got 6 VS body mist for sale or sample. PM MEEEE NOWWW!!! :):):)

– setting up a website. very slow progess, but still ongoing, not dead yet.

– spent everyday with a lot of works, even weekend. Happy at one side for high productivity. But slept a lot too, unreasonably: everytime we got back from work :((

– lots of distraction while i need to save money for ‘that day’ ;)) really looking forward to it.

New year! again?

Well, so much happened last year. and daym it’s new year and i’m so lazy to go out celebrating it.
I had a plan a few hours before but got canceled. Sigh!

So I decided to do the next best thing – stay in my bedroom the whole night. Hoyeah!
I’m not gonna post my resolution list I’ll never accomplish. More importantly, it shouldn’t take one whole year for a person to set a new goal, aight?
Ok ok, I know I’m ruining new year spirit here. So if I must have one azam, I’ll say go to upenn and surprise the bejeezus out of my girlfriend 😀 Oh well, it’s more like a dream right? Haha..

Bosan siot hariini! HAPPY FOUR ONES!!!!

*cube cari seekor semut tgh pegang batu bentuk love dari gambar di bawah

Jumpe?   Tahniah!!!!




X jumpe? Bagus, anda jujur! Sbb mmg takde pon semut berkenaan! Gile pe?

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