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Beluncas premonition

Today I’ll enlighten you all with an advance technique of prosecuting premonition.
This technique’s called BelPre34.
Just follow me step by step:

1) Go inside the suspect’s house.
2) Find a 4-legged, lazy and hairy feline (very fluffy one is recommended)
3) Pick it up.
4) Stroke once on its forehead
5) Tickle 3 times under its chin
6) Dance while holding it about 10 seconds
7) Quickly dive your head into its body or other hairy area (e.g belly or side)
8 ) Inhale and smell vigorously!

You have successfully foreseen what your suspect is currently or was cooking in the kitchen (hopefully for you)!
I do this most of the time when I stepped into my suspect’s apartment in colony manor, RIT.
And most of the time I foresaw either ayam masak merah or curry.

This premonition is mind blasting isn’t it?
I know right?

Comments on: "Beluncas premonition" (3)

  1. haha the suspect must be really good at cooking to have left such scent. btw does he still smell like food?

  2. haha well. i love the masak merah and goreng blacan the most >__<
    dah x dah. wangi saje bau beliau walaupon mandi sbulan skali.
    mostly sbb x slalu masak kat umah ni n beliau slalu terperap dlm billik

  3. ayam goreng belacan!!!! isk, i miss cooking with you, with momo busy in the kitchen asking for telur mentah :’)

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