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Beluncas premonition

Today I’ll enlighten you all with an advance technique of prosecuting premonition.
This technique’s called BelPre34.
Just follow me step by step:

1) Go inside the suspect’s house.
2) Find a 4-legged, lazy and hairy feline (very fluffy one is recommended)
3) Pick it up.
4) Stroke once on its forehead
5) Tickle 3 times under its chin
6) Dance while holding it about 10 seconds
7) Quickly dive your head into its body or other hairy area (e.g belly or side)
8 ) Inhale and smell vigorously!

You have successfully foreseen what your suspect is currently or was cooking in the kitchen (hopefully for you)!
I do this most of the time when I stepped into my suspect’s apartment in colony manor, RIT.
And most of the time I foresaw either ayam masak merah or curry.

This premonition is mind blasting isn’t it?
I know right?


Warkah dari sibeluncas berbulu

Miow purrr,

rrrrr meeeyeaoww nyiuuu miiiiaoo mew!



Dear mommy,

I love the treat you sent me. Papa is so cheapos he keeps it most of the time. But once he decided to feed me some, he mixed them with lots of love. The sachet bag smells like you!

I miss you,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMOMOMOMOMO!!!! momo sudah 3 tahun!o

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