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Satu cebisan manga

Sejak kecil lagi aku telah diternak dengan dikurniakan peluang dan nikmat membaca manga.
Aku percaya sume org pnah at least membuka komik2 camni dizaman muda2 belia spt dragonball, doraemon, naruto, misteri naga, dik cerdas (shin chan) dan yg sezaman dgnnye.
Well, if you ask me what’s my all time favorite hobby, I would honorably say that reading these kind of mangas  it is.

And “One Piece” is my favorite eversince I stumbled upon it thanks to spupuku yg lebih hardcore, faiz. Followed by Dragonball and Naruto.
It may seems like a childish habit to put your time in membaca komik. Tapi many who does read it will agree with me that japanese manga is NOT a crappy drawings with super cheesy plot and dialogues.  I would prefer to see it as a motivational entertainments. Dlm cite2 tu mesti ade nilai2 tersembunyi with all those cheesy semi-realistic motivational quotes about friendship, hardship, love, and life.

In brief, with the setting being somewhere in a pirate era, it’s about a child named Monkey D Luffy whose ambition is to be a pirate king. The story progresses to show his adventure from a scratch how he gains his rubber-like power and how he finds his 8 crew members. Each of which has their own specialy in battle, navigation, cooking, bertukang, weaponry, healthcare and so on.

I found that manga hasil nukilan pakcik Eichiro Oda ini adelah yg terbaik since the plots are very unpredictable and the moral of friendship and high self-driven motives are outstanding! Super funny and cute too! 😀
Plus, it’s still ongoing and free! Haha ade unsur2 chiepos disitu.

I highly recommend this to those who enjoy reading manga walaupon anda bukanlah pembaca komik tegar.. ataupun baru berjinak2 dgnnye.
It will be worth while. Currently it has 597 chapters with 20 pages or so for each chapter. Nmpk spt byk but hey, I’m joblessso don’t judge me!  Haha. Sile bace dari mula. You’ll make it somehow.

Read it here:  
But once you’ve catch up to the latest chapter, you can follow thru this site for a higher quality scanlation:   

*p/s  mind that the drawings get better and better after several initial chapters. So don’t get disappointed with it when you read the first chapter.

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