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Slamat berpose sume

Harini first day pose taun ni! Best siot ade bazaar ramadhan bleh jalan2. Ok gi bazaar kene bli mercun. jom kite.
Momo pon pose.

Oh ye. Momo sudah doggitized. Die sudah mengecapi kriterion2 utama anjing.
– shake hand: when I ask him so he can get a treat
– roll on the ground: well he just loves to do that especially right before sleep
– fetch: yep.. this is a new establishment. He used to gongong his bantal dynamite and put in front of me @ ecah then he’ll ask for treat. But now, once he does that, I throw the dynamite away and he will run for it and grab it and bring it to me. yes ecah pcayelah.
– jelir2 lidah: only when he’s really hot. But seriously very doglike.
– bark: yeeehh about this one… maybe not

Slamat berbuke pose sume :))

Comments on: "Slamat berpose sume" (1)

  1. gossip girl said:

    hahahaha u and ur jokes.
    in gossip girl, you need proof to strengthen your point. video tape lah momo fetching the dynamite, then.
    xoxo, you know you love me. gossip girl.

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