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Soul Sistah!~


Belakangan ini, byk jhugghak (jawo slang) bende2 best berlaku.
1) Berpicnic ngan Aisyah dan org2 rumahnye impromptu gak ar. Had great foods! Buffalo wings for ftw!


2) Letters to the future :)) –> This is the best part yet! Well at first nk tunggu 10 taun but after dah siap tulis and was already craving to open each others’ letters, we decided to wait 5 years instead.  Ops got to erase the details. Ecah just reminded me if I tell them, the magic will lose :))

Jgn hilang dah ar mende nih lagi 5 taun

3) Aku jumpe lagu best nk blaja gitar: Soul Sistah! hheyy ayy.. heyeyyeyy ayy..

4) Tutee aku yg sudah lama comma akhirnye sedar jua. Dah 6 minggu hilang akhirnye ketemu jua. Plus I got another new one! Ho yeah cha ching!

5) Webcammed mama and got to see haris and aisyahcumil as lively as they are.

6) Successfully organized MSA Soccer Tournament! We got a lot of positive feedbacks. Sorry BSFC. Try again and next time with spikes on the field. Aritu kalah sbb gune kasot indoor soccer.

7) Pennstate sudi menungguku sehingga dpt scholarship b4 I reply. Baik sungguh hati budimu! Tapi mungkin hanya tinggal harapan.

Comments on: "Soul Sistah!~" (1)

  1. Tak ambik OPT bro?
    Mari la tinggal sikit lama lagi kat US
    Nanti saya tak ada geng

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