Life is a mere perspective


Best gile beb cite How to train your dragon. Walopon katon, lubang hidungmu tetap menjhadi pojaan hateykuu..

Anyway, aku skang hamek biotech + minor in engineering. Despite mendapat result yang teruk didalam beberapa subject engineering, I got to learn two things.

  1. Engineering students are sooooo garrulous!!! (haha GREku bergune jua akhirnye) while bdak2 bio ni diam baiikk saje. I’m not talking about malay bio students. This is in general, including americans. They know how to talk and have a conversation even the subject is about something stupid. And they are good jokers too. Don’t get me wrong. This is by no mean that being silence is bad. In fact I love to be silent myself aren’t I? I love the way we are. We talk when we need (well most of the time compared to them engine students). hohoh yo lah tu.
  2. What makes the engine students really happy: when they nailed a single question that took them almost 30 minutes to finish.
    What makes the bio students super happy: when they got a tiny, almost invisible white pallet at the bottom of a tube after 30 minutes centrifuging it.

Haha I just exaggerated a little bit. Tp in general gitu ah.

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  1. supernatan!!!

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