Life is a mere perspective

Kesunyian [Episode 4]

Hoyehhhh! MySA Nite was awesome smlm!! Sungguh sgt awesome paling sekali, the most awesomest. I’m lucky to be here this year.
Joe pon dah memberi emel ucapan terakhir darinye. Syahdu beb. Segalanye akan berakhir.. Commencement is like running towards us. In the hectic of MySA nite performances, i know there are two or three big things happen among us.. happy things of course. Better keep’em secret eh? We’ll see.

This episode does not have any particular reason why we chose naje. If there was, I forgot since this was done in our first year. Maybe it was because Melly left him alone at their dorm. SOrry bro heheh.

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