Life is a mere perspective

It’s been a while since i last wrote an entry. Well, this time it’s for something special:  Me birthday!! 😀 Yipppi!!!!

29th June lepas sbnanye besday aku.. Tapi memandangkan harini baru free (bak kate ecah: ye la tu), baru la mampu aku tulis blog..

I would really like to dedicate my gratitute to those who celebrated and made my day that night especially gadis called ecah momo 🙂 And thanks for the wish from everyone of you!! 😛

Thanks for the cake, for the balloons (padan muke sian amom kne bawak belon berat), the wishes and the meals.  Sedap ah cake strawberry banana chocalate meltdown tu.

Kuajiaq aku dimainkan dgn sketsa tiket ilang. Jage korg besday korg nnt tgk ar ape aku buat!  Paling kurang aku campak tepong gomak kat muke, paling dahsat aku campak momo je. Muahahahaha.

And the most awesome part was I got an iPhone 3G for my birthday, almost scratchless. It’s the awesomest >___< ! Beliau adelah cita-citaku sejak kecil lagi.

iPhone 3G - achterkant by textopus.
Gambar hiasan

And thanks Naje for the best price and Amer for the coolest casing
Bless you all!

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