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Haa.. i was watching this movie on naje’s 42″ inch TV, don’t remember the title though. And there’s a scene where the guy’s eyelash fell off and his girlfriend took it and said “make a wish”.. haha it’s not a big deal, but come to think of it, malays will say that somebody’s missing you. totally different culture, with a same kind of superstition.. sokmo adee je sign bukan2. kehkeh.. tatau ah apsal smangat sgt dahh aku check tenet. there are a whole bunch of things americans would wish upon:

-falling stars
-wish bone
-white horse


Gadis Desa

Haha ini adelah keje mase lapangku tatkala menunggu meli memasak nasik di pagi hari pukol 4.30

gadis desa

Did Iphone lose its value..?

I’m one of those who crave to use an iphone to communicate with others eventho it’s  just another fancy gadget which won’t kill you if you don’t have it. Well I used to have one b4, the 2G one i bought from Naje. But I broke it, needless to say how. Since there’s not that many green stuff in my wallet or bank account, I could only stare at the computer screen with the Ebay – search “iphone” – webpage open.  I’ve been surveying the price of  iPhone 3G for almost 1/2 year since my sweet little iphone 2G met its grave.


And the price of iphone 3G in Ebay has been flat, no fluctuation whatsoever. The minumum price for 8G iphone 3G was $450.. I wouldn’t dare to look at the 16G. Sigh…

And then the iPhone 3G S is officially released today, 19th June 09. Yayyy! KUangkuangkuangg… And they add some extra features, like speed (the “S” in 3G S stand for speed), video cam, 3mp camera, and voice recognition system. Well, it’s nice to have those in my iphone if I were to have one. But I know I’m too cheap to deserve the 3G S. kehkehkeh. So, I’m still in chasing of the old iPhone 3G.

Just yesterday, I did it again, typing iphone 3G in the search box of ebay page. And again, with hope that the price will go down even just a little bit. To my surprise, that price went down, much lower than before. Now I can get iphone 3G (not 3G S) 16 G for $300 from ebay.. Dude, compare to the non-contract iphone 3G sold by Apple, which is $600 for 8G 3GS, this is a miracle! I think I’m ready to grab this one…


Well.. not now tho. I’m going back to Malaysia soon.. lagi 16 hari je lagi wuhhhu!!!!

I was thinking, did iPhone lose its value? Everyone can see the trend.. Every summer, Apple will come out with another product, if not two. They keep upgrading their stuff in a very short period of time. They made 4 generations of ipod nano in mere several years. They release the new ipod touch even when other people are still high with their old ones. They produced 3 iphones in 3 consecutive years.

And the price of some of the old product will go much lower than before, at least in Ebay.


I wonder what they will come up with next? And when is the best time to buy their newest product? Am I too late if I bought the product after 6 months a new product was released when I almost certain that there will be a new product coming soon? Damn Apple! Are you going to stop this?

I’m better off with my old phone for the time being while I think about this.. The nokia $10 i got from walmart still keeps me connected to everyone.. At least it’s better than 3310 yang baling anjing mati tu. Heheh.. the good news is Naje’s going to get the 3G S and offered to sell his 3G to me :D.. alas, the green stuff still won’t appear in my black, lonely wallet. I wonder why…



Yeayy! Finally… *sigh..
Setelah sekian lama diapi2 kan, akhirnye termaktub jua forum MECUSA RIT. Admins forum ni sumenye sgt komited ngan club ni maka, sekian lama.. akan establishlah forum berkenaan.

Ni link forum terbabit:

haha knape domain bkn .com? ekelleeee, sape nak bayar oi .com tu. server ni pon free sbb aku gune xampp utk jadikan desktop aku yg tatau bile nak mati ni as a server. Hopefully tak sangkot2 ar forum ni nnt. huhu.

Owh btw, thanks to Abg Pojan sbb byk tolong buat mende ni. MAceehh..

Aku doakan forum ni akan terus maju and establish even after graduation. Ameeennn..

Register wey jgn tak register 😀

Aiseh demam lak…

adeehhh.. nak balikk ni gak la nk demam. kang kne tahan ngan akak imigresen kang cane?

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