Life is a mere perspective

Everything begins here..


Tercapai gak cite-cite aku nak buat blog sendiri. Though I haven’t thought about what’s the contents gonna be.
For overview, this blog will be stuffed with:

1) Photoshop and a few other software tutorials – I’m not that good, but oh well.. I’ll just put what I know.
2) Reviews – err ntah la ape kan. tgk ah nnt
3) Ermm my life maybe? — not really a fan.

Owh yea. I went for eurotrip last summer and it was a blast! Mmg adventure gilak ah. Check out the story of our journey at:


Comments on: "Everything begins here.." (5)

  1. haha
    sudah ada blog. wa caya lu!

  2. Pak maun said:

    betul la ckp ko.. mmg mcm masamaun betul kembaraeropah tu… lol

  3. mantap2….die dh ade blog..haha

  4. haha. baek pnyee! masamaun btoll. tu ah baru berblogan ah. yg kembara eropah tu macam hampeh je blog. alang2 buat baru ah.

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